Global Fertility stands at 2.5 Children per Woman

Global Fertility – 2.5 Children per Woman!!

Source: OurWorldinData licensed under CC-BY-SA by the author Max Roser

Yes, you read that right! If you ask people on the street how many children a woman has on average globally, most say something between 3 and 5 when in fact it really is 2.5. This is about the same as in many developed countries like Norway, Spain or Iceland for example. Also interesting to know is that global replace fertility – the fertility rate at which the population remains constant – is only slightly below that number at 2.3.

I think the above chart shows beautifully how much we have achieved in the past 60 years and that the looming spectre of overpopulation is just that, a ghost or figment of our imagination created partly by wrong information (or lack thereof), as well as ‘hysteria’ proliferated by the media.

Of course the population is still increasing and there are a lot of challenges still ahead, but it’s not like humanity is growing exponentially like some bacteria until we end up in some dystopian future where everyone has to live in 5 squaremeter cubicles like in the Sci-fi movie ‘The 5th Element’……..Cheer up! 😉

Featured image courtesy of sasint via

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