Global AIDS Deaths Dropped 50% within last 10 years

Global AIDS Deaths cut in half within last 10 years

There are several metrics to this topic that need to be looked at separately.

1.) The number of HIV infections has sunken 60% since 1997, despite the fact that population has increased during that time. While in 1997 there were 3.47 million HIV infections, that number had dropped to 2.1 million in 2015.

2.) As a result of better treatment available, AIDS related deaths have also dropped nearly 50% from 2 million to 1.1 million.

3.) The yellow line unfortunately shows less of a positive picture compared to the other two. The fact that the number of people living with HIV is still increasing is a direct result of the fact that there are more and better treatment options available against AIDS, leading to higher life expectancy. Another reason is the simple fact that the population is still growing and together with more HIV infected people alive that means there are more new infections. There is still a silver lining however, since the rate of new infections has significantly slowed down since the 1990’s and if things continue like that we will reach the peak of people having to live with this virus within a decade or so (my educated guess ;)).

Please go to for more details on this topic. The chart above is licensed under CC-BY-SA by the author Max Roser.

Featured image courtesy of tpsdave via

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