Global Employment Increased by 700 million since the year 2000

Global Employment Increased by an unbelievable 700 million (!!) since the year 2000

Yes, you read that right! At the change of the Millenium there were about 2.6 billion in employment and 17 years later we have reached 3.3 billion. Why do people not know about this? If you asked them, most people would answer that the job situation is getting worse. I think a part of the reason for that is the short term view people have. Combined with the fact that people draw conclusions based on their personal observations and experiences, as well as a constant focus on the negative by the news media. As a result you get a distorted picture of reality instead of the “big picture” which puts things in perspective.

As usual, I’m not saying everything is great because interestingly, unemployment is also rising in many nations. However, the increase in unemployment is far less than the rise in employment as you can see in the chart below:

In the same timeframe when employment shot up by 700 million, unemployment “just” increased by 20 million, owing to the population growing slightly faster than new jobs were created.

When you look back to 1950 according to this website the trend is even more impressive as the employment growth was even faster than population growth during that period, adding a mind boggling 2 billion jobs!! (I tried to find the source material for the data they’re using in their charts, but I wasn’t successful in validating the data. However, the website seems legitimate and the data is supposed to be from trusted sources like the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the US Census Bureau).

The charts above are from the World Employment Social Outlook 2017 report. Please check it out for more detailed information!

Featured image courtesy of 0TheFool via

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