Number of Working Poor decreased Globally by 400 Million since 2000

Number of Working Poor decreased Globally by 400 Million (!!) in the last 17 years

Source: World Employment Social Outlook 2017 from the International Labour Organisation (ILO). You can find the chart in the Appendix C!
A decrease from 1.2 billion to 800 million represents a 25% drop in the total amount of the working population that earns less than 3.10 international US$ per day. On the right side of the chart you can see with the help of the black line that the working poor as a share of total employment dropped from around 60% to slightly below 30%, representing a 50% decrease!

A remarkable progress in my opinion. Some of you might say “but the decrease working poor has slowed down a lot!!”. That is unfortunately true and it is a sign not to get complacent. The governments of the world need to drastically increase their efforts to get these numbers down much quicker. However, the trend is still facing downwards and therefore should give you reason to be optimistic about the future. The fact that we managed to get the number of working poor down by such a large number in the past, tells us it is possible and can therefore be repeated in the future!
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