Air pollution deaths decreased 25%

Global Deaths due to Air Pollution decreased 25% since 1990

Source: OurWorldInData. The chart above is licensed under CC-BY-SA by the author Max Roser.

It seems that global efforts that have been put into substituting wood and petroleum for cooking and lighting are taking effect. In the chart above you can see that most of the progress that has been achieved is due to the reduction of indoor air pollution death rates by a third.

We still have a long way to go until deaths from air pollution (no matter the source) are no longer an issue anymore and we definitely need to increase our efforts in order to speed up this process, but it is safe to say that we’re moving in the right direction!

Please go to OurWorldInData for a more detailed report on this topic
Featured image courtesy of “kasia1104pilarczyk” via Pixabay

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